Weight Loss

There’s nowhere else you need to go to make sure you meet your weight loss goals. However you want to go about it, we’ve got the programmes, the people and the expertise to keep you successful, now and in the future.

Get inspired in our healthy eating seminars. Get facts from our nutritional and fitness experts. Above all, get what you need to feel better than you ever have before. We’ve got the knowledge. And it’s all yours.

We can help you achieve your weight loss goals by combining healthy eating with a tailored fitness programme.  Our trainers have extensive experience of getting our members weight loss.  We offer full advice on all aspects of your diet as part of your membership.

Increase size and improve shape

We offer programmes that can increase your size or simply improve your overall shape and tone up.  We have skilled trainers who are very experienced in getting your great results.

Train for Specific Sport

We have many trainers who have competed in various sports at high levels including running, triathlons, canoeing and Rugby.  We can design a program that ensures you have maximum fitness levels to compete at your chosen sport.